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"One Stop Shop" for both bespoke machined components & all Rexnord or SystemPlast ®

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Everything you need for your conveyor from stock – CNC Machined parts ( Plastics & Metals)

SL Plastics have been machining bespoke components made from plastic or metal since 1991, being conveyor and packaging specialists to the container handling, packaging, food processing, automation and conveyor industries, we can meet all your engineering requirements with competitive prices & short lead-times.

UK Stockist of Rexnord & SystemPlast Parts

With the largest UK stock of conveyor components, we can offer conveyor chain, belt, bearings, sprockets, wearstrips etc with next day…or even same day…delivery. We can cross-reference your existing products to offer Rexnord or SystemPlast generic equivalents at competitive prices and often from stock, with over 1700 stock items on the shelves at last count…

Conveyor Components and Spares
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UK PARTNER WITH System Plast® & Rexnord

Since 2021 both of the world respected conveyor companies,  Rexnord & SystemPlast have been amalgamated under the parent company of Regal Rexnord, and we are proud to be their UK partner and support the UK markets for both with the largest UK stock of conveyor parts and replacements (chains, belts, sprockets, bearings, wearstrips…). Together with over 30 years experience in machining bespoke parts for machinery manufacturers in the container handling, packaging, food processing, automation and conveyor industries we offer a “One Stop Shop” for OEMs that remains unrivalled. Competitive prices, best quality products and all with the very shortest lead-times.


With extensive experience in machining components for the food processing, packaging and conveyor industries, we offer a level of knowledge and competence that adds value to every customer.

With confidentiality assured, we can consult on the design and manufacture of new products, as well as look again at existing parts, to ensure the most effective materials and manufacturing processes are used to achieve the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

We will explore stock-holding arrangements with you, giving you the security of having parts ‘on the shelf’, as well as the benefits of lower costs from bulk production, but improved cash-flow from monthly or quarterly delivery and invoicing arrangements.

We invite you to visit our factory, where we can demonstrate production methods, and discuss design considerations with your engineers or draughtsmen.

By working together, we can deliver cost effectiveness across your range of engineered plastics.

  • Are you using the most appropriate materials?
  • Can larger parts be manufactured in an alternative way to reduce material usage and costs?
  • Have parts been designed so that those that will suffer wear and tear are easily replaceable?
  • Is wear and tear being kept to a minimum?
  • Is the guarding on your equipment as efficient as possible?
  • Do you currently use several suppliers for your engineered plastics, guarding, feed-worms and stock conveyor components, and would prefer to have the efficiency and cost savings of having these available from one supplier, with a consistent service and delivery?

These are all areas that we address regularly with our customers…..SL Plastics brings a level of service and commitment to our customers that saves them time and money, as well as offering the best prices and delivery that you will find in the marketplace.

Lets talk about your project today!

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