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Keeeping up with demand…

Last week we took delivery of our 6th CNC router, another 3m x 2m machine, with orders being machined on it the very next day.

Regal Rexnord

Last month saw the merger of two of the most renowned conveyor brands under the same parent company, with both System Plast & Rexnord now

Record Year

Having targeted for another 20% growth in our latest financial year, achieving 42% is a remarkable achievement in a year of constant changes (Brexit, Covid…).

Relocation Complete

After many months of planning we have now completed our relocation, and are already filling the new 18,000ft² of renovated workspace with additional stock, more

Onwards & Upwards

Following on from our best month ever, we have taken delivery this month of our latest CNC router as well as buying yet another CNC

2021 Continued Expansion

We start the year with exciting news for our continued expansion, with a relocation in May/June to our new factory just over the other side

Expanding our CNC Milling & Turning

This month sees Ben join our growing team at SL Plastics, just in time for the arrival of our latest HAAS CNC mill. Our commitment


We remain open as we are involved in the processing, packaging, production, maintenance and repair of equipment serving the food and pharmaceutical industries, and therefore