Conveyor Product Guides

Conveyor Chain Guide Products. Largest selection of guide products available including Valu Guide® guide products, rails, clips, clamps, bar caps and covers

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Conveyor Product Guides

Conveyor Guides

If every product on every shelf in every shop was in the same size and shape container, conveyor & packaging machinery would be so simple and standard……and we’d all be out of work! The fact is that every container needs handling in different ways at different stages along a production line, and since 1991 there’s very little that we haven’t seen in different designs.

Whether you are looking for standard guides to keep products upright and together, bespoke guides to your own design, timing scrolls to feed containers in consistently pitched apart, or changeparts….we are your “one stop shop”. Whether machined bespoke components or stock products, you can rely on us for competitive prices and very short lead-times……our aim is “next day” availability on standard stock products 😊

Conveyor Product Guides

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