Wear Strips


Wear Strips (https://www.systemplastsmartguide.com/int/Smart-Guide/50510A/#)

Replacing wear strips is a time consuming exercise, and time costs money, so there’s only a false economy in ever fitting cheap, or inferior wear strips. System Plast extrude their own wear strips in Germany, keeping control over quality and production, but also allowing them to additionally offer many extrusions in their Nolu-S material. Nolu-S being a blend of PE1000 and other dry lubricants ensures an even lower coefficient of friction , excellent for applications requiring reduced friction, noise reduction and higher dry-running speeds, whilst also adding the benefit of a longer life.

A complete range of wear strips, chain and belt support systems, bar caps and guides for side-flexing belts, System Plast offer an off the shelf solution that simplifies build, and eliminates the expense of bespoke designed components. With a vast range of sizes, styles and applications, you can always send details of the profile you require to us, and we will locate the part most suitable for you.