Change Parts

We implement at the design stage to ensure parts are designed in a way that allows for economical manufacture.

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Change Parts


 One of the first orders we ever manufactured back in 1991, and one that we’ve been making almost daily ever since. Keeping the right part, in the right place, at the right time is fundamental to any processing or packaging line, whilst developments such as quick-release mechanisms, colour coding, engraving and change-part boards have also ensured that changeover from one set to another have been simplified and sped up over all those years.

With all those years of experience, we are proud to input at the design stage to ensure parts are designed in a way that allows for economical manufacture. With plenty of colours to choose from, parts can be colour coded for ease of identification, but also engraved to specify equipment/line, container details and even company logos to ensure OEMs can identify originally manufactured parts. Many customers also add part n°s so that their customer can easily identify individual components when returning for new parts or spares.

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The highest quality everytime

Having specialised exclusively in the conveyor, packaging and food processing industries since 1991, we have built a strong reputation amongst companies in those fields. Working with OEMs, end users or service engineers, meeting their requirements for accurate parts, whether plastic or metal, within the shortest of lead-times in many instances and at competitive prices enables us to continue our expansion, and to continue to find innovative ways to further support our customers. Our team work directly with design engineers and buyers to ensure the most suitable materials are used, that designs are fined tuned to be most cost effective, and where possible rolling stock is put in place for regularly used components, ensuring that OEMs have fast access to components to meet the tightest of delivery schedules and win orders through short lead-times and the support we provide.