Bearings will be one eliminate within any conveyor design that will be subject to constant wear and tear, and so particular attention should always be paid to their selection to ensure they are robust and suitable for each design and application. System Plast have gained an excellent reputation for quality and durable components, and their bearings are held in high regard within the industry for reliability and long life.

Offering all types of mounted bearings in polyamide, stainless steel or Nolu-Clean (an antimicrobial material) housings, whether you require eccentric or grub screw locking, chrome or stainless steel bearings, System Plast will be sure to offer one to suit your requirements.

Their fully sealed waterproof bearings are particularly suitable for environments subject to regular cleaning and pressure washing, where standard bearings can easily become contaminated with dirt and water ingress. As part of their continual program of product development, their range now also includes Sealmaster bearings which are a lubed for life design with high corrosion resistant bearings and a triple lip seal that minimizes ingress and contamination.

Fitting quality bearings from a world renowned supplier adds value to an OEMs equipment, and reduces maintenance requirements of the end user.

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