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Milling & Turning

Whilst many of our young trainees look on at CNC machining in awe (perhaps – wrongly -thinking bigger salary and all they do is press buttons!), the start of any engineering career was always manual machines, and in our view is the same today. Not only does our manual machining play an important part in the completion of many components, allowing us to maximizes the economies of using both CNC and manual machines which customers benefit from in the form of shorter lead-times and the most competitive prices, but also it still represents the very best training pool.

CNC machining often looks quick, but on some parts, in particular small quantities, it can be quicker to machine manually when setup and programming times come in to the equation. In other instances, part CNC and part manual is the best road forward. By ensuring we have the best and most varied equipment on both fronts, we have the fluidity to ensure production remains at its best.

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