Modular Belts & Sprockets


System Plast are a world renowned, market leader with a comprehensive range of conveyor components, but at the heart of any build will be the conveyor chain or belt. Their range of modular belts include straight running and side-flexing, and every type of application (flat top, flush grid, rubbert inserts, flighted, roller top….). Their modular design allows almost any width to be manufactured, and includes options for positioners or tabs to ensure side-flexing belts cannot lift up.

Constantly improving their already tried and tested designs, most belts are now also available in their premium grade NGE material, that has a much reduced coefficient of friction ensuring longer belt life whilst requiring less driving power and creating less wear and dust. A strong chain that is resistant to most cleaning processes, can be run dry without any lubricants and has a high PV strength allowing for faster running lines with heavier loads than standard acetal variants. Innovations such as the Roller  Top belt now allow products to be rotated, whether stationary or whilst moving, as well as for products to be moved laterally as they travel forwards.

With technical engineer support through SL Plastics, programs to help calculate the PV for any application and belt, and an industry accredited quality that ensures maximum life, uninterrupted running and minimum service requirements, whether building conveyors or replacing an existing belt, you can be assured that fitting a System Plast belt is the right way to go. Many belts are generic equivalents of industry standards, so just let SL Plastics know the belt that you are currently using, and they will do the rest.