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For over 20 years, System Plast has been developing and producing conveyor components for a wide range of applications, and SL Plastics have been machining components for the conveyor, packaging and processing industries. Now in partnership, we can provide a “one stop shop” so that our clients can purchase all their machine build, refurbishment or spares requirements at competitive prices and short lead times. Together we can provide the technical support for the selection of correct materials and products according to conveyor design, speed and loads.

System Plast has created and is dedicated to maintain a state-of-the-art product line which gives us a strong position with Machine Builders and End Users in the industries that we serve. Combined with significant stocks in the UK, available for next day delivery, and our commitment to adjust stocks in line with customers anticipated requirements, or to put in place call-off orders, we are working to ensure that long lead times can be the Achilles heel of our competitors only.

With an excellent SmartGuide on-line, our clients have the facility to find the product they require quickly, with full technical details, as well as see the alternatives that are available – a great tool for designers and project engineers, saving time and money.

Roller Transfer Modules

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Miscellaneous Products

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Frame and Structural Support

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Curves and Tracks

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Chains & Belts Return System

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Base support and Levelers Index

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Rollers and Guide Solutions

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Side Guide Solutions

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Side Guide Brackets & Accessories

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Modular Belts & Sprockets

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Wire Stripes

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Sprockets, Idler Wheels and Chains

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Conveyor Chains

System Plast’s broad chain offering provides conveying solutions for a multitude of industries and applications. The beverage industry is one in which System Plast’s chain products excel in assisting end users to provide a more efficient conveying system.

Modular Plastic Belts

Modular Plastic Belts provide the capability for wider conveying surfaces in addition to increased load ratings versus chain. Our broad offering of standard and heavy duty models provide a multitude of product conveying solutions.

Conveyor Sprockets and Idlers

Molded and machined sprockets available in a variety of teeth and bore sizes are also offered for all plastic chain and modular plastic belt products.

Conveyor Chain Guide Products

Largest selection of guide products available including Valu Guide® guide products, rails, clips, clamps, bar caps and covers.

Conveyor Components

Broad line of conveyor components including brackets and positioning devices, frame, support components, roller and return products. System Plast Custom Machined Plastics – high quality engineered plastic products built to your specification.

System Plast® Mounted Bearing Supports

System Plast Mounted Bearings (Bearing Supports) offer good protection during wash-down and are available in a variety of composite materials and housing styles, along with modular accessories to protect the bearing.


Modsort Right angle Transfer module

A modular transfer/divert station based on proven technologies, offered in a wide range of sizes to fit your application.

modflex curve

Mod Flex

Compact design in relation to the width of the belt (small radius in combination with wide curve possible).


Roller transfer modules allow for a fluid transfer off the end of any conveyor, and are often installed back-to-back to then feed onto a new section of conveyor. System Plast range of modules extend from two rows of rollers up to 5 rows, and are offered in both imperial versions (6″ & 9″) as well as metric versions (85mm & 115mm), and can be installed side-by-side to cover larger width installations.

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Machine guarding is made simple as SL Plastics can provide machined guard panels, as well as thermo-formed conveyor guards, which in conjunction with the System Plast range of fittings such as mounting profiles, tube joints, door stops, panel clamps, door locks, handles and hinges provides a simplistic solution to creating solid and secure guarding structures around your packaging equipment. With our goal to provide a quick and efficient “one stop shop” service, even the tightest of build deadlines can be met using the SL Plastics and System Plast partnership that supports the UK conveyor, packaging and food processing markets.

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Bearings will be one eliminate within any conveyor design that will be subject to constant wear and tear, and so particular attention should always be paid to their selection to ensure they are robust and suitable for each design and application. System Plast have gained an excellent reputation for quality and durable components, and their bearings are held in high regard within the industry for reliability and long life.

Offering all types of mounted bearings in polyamide, stainless steel or Nolu-Clean (an antimicrobial material) housings, whether you require eccentric or grub screw locking, chrome or stainless steel bearings, System Plast will be sure to offer one to suit your requirements.

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Standard parts in any conveyor construction will be side mounting brackets, support heads and connecting joints. Available to suit most stock tubes sizes used in construction (round and square), with both polyamide and stainless steel variants within our range. Rugged and robust parts, whose design has been updated over the years to ensure that they are durable and solid elements of any conveyor build. Available from stock together with threaded expansion plugs and tube ends to provide a comprehensive “one stop shop” approach to your conveyor builds.


System Plast offers a full range of curves and tracks to suit all bevel, tab and magnetic chains. Bevel and tab variants can be manufactured by SL Plastics in the UK using both PE1000, and in high wear applications System Plast own Nolu-S material which offer a much reduced coefficient of friction resulting in a longer life, less noise and reduces the energy consumption, highly recommended in conjunction with NGE chains.

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With all conveyors the chain or belt being guided and supported on the carry section of the conveyor is just half the design, the return underneath is equally important. System Plast offer a comprehensive range of wear strips, spacers and wear shoes for a serpentine return system, as well as rollers and flanges, to ensure a simple to fit design that also allows for open access when replacing chain or belt

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Base supports and Index Levelers

Any conveyor or packaging machinery will spend its life supported on its machine feet or levellers, and so the choice and construction chosen should be of a robust and solid design to meet a lifetime of support. System Plast have a solid record of only manufacturing quality levelers, but also an extensive range that covers all possible installation requirements

With fixed and articulated versions, bases from 40mm to 125mm diameter, and threads of numerous lengths from M8 to M30, every load and uneven floor can be accommodated. Spindles and bases can be zinc plated or stainless steel, but also polyamide (with or without a non-slip base), and if machinery needs to be bolted to the floor upon installation then bases with bolt holes can be supplied also.

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Roller side guides ensure the smooth flow of packages along a conveyor line, and subsequently the array of packages that can be transported require an array of different suitable guides. System Plast offer most solutions in 1mtr, 2mtr or 3mtr lengths, as well as loose modules allowing for the creation of shorter or bespoke lengths. Options to slide onto standard flat bar, as well as a full range of easy to fit mounting plates (stainless steel or aluminium) ensures both the OEM and end user have all options covered.

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Side guides and clamps are an integral part of almost every conveyor, and one where the SL Plastics hard held belief in UK stock to support UK business with a “One Stop Shop” approach to conveyor build is significantly evident. OEMs can only be consistently supported to achieve short lead-times on their builds by our constantly maintained UK stocks of all components, and our continued commitment to adjust to suit individual requirements.

Where necessary, we can modify profiles using our in-house facilities at Thetford and almost 30 years of experience machining plastics for the conveyor, packaging and food processing industries. Now also with a dedicated CNC section machining all metal components, we can fabricate bespoke adjusting rods as well as support each customer with all other bespoke requirements.

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Integral to any conveyor will be the brackets and clamping arrangements, which given a potential lifetime of constant adjustments as well as being in an environment of constant wear and tear should be substantially solid and proven, as will be found in the System Plast range. Covering a wide range of styles both in polyamide as well as stainless steel, brackets are available to suit most installation requirements including lateral, angle and dip tray brackets, as well as cross blocks, t-clamps, photo cell assemblies and quick release clamps.

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System Plast are a world renowned, market leader with a comprehensive range of conveyor components, but at the heart of any build will be the conveyor chain or belt. Their range of modular belts include straight running and side-flexing, and every type of application (flat top, flush grid, rubbert inserts, flighted, roller top….). Their modular design allows almost any width to be manufactured, and includes options for positioners or tabs to ensure side-flexing belts cannot lift up.

Constantly improving their already tried and tested designs, most belts are now also available in their premium grade NGE material, that has a much reduced coefficient of friction ensuring longer belt life whilst requiring less driving power and creating less wear and dust.

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Replacing wear strips is a time consuming exercise, and time costs money, so there’s only a false economy in ever fitting cheap, or inferior wear strips. System Plast extrude their own wear strips in Germany, keeping control over quality and production, but also allowing them to additionally offer many extrusions in their Nolu-S material. Nolu-S being a blend of PE1000 and other dry lubricants ensures an even lower coefficient of friction , excellent for applications requiring reduced friction, noise reduction and higher dry-running speeds, whilst also adding the benefit of a longer life.

A complete range of wear strips, chain and belt support systems, bar caps and guides for side-flexing belts, System Plast offer an off the shelf solution that simplifies build, and eliminates the expense of bespoke designed components. With a vast range of sizes, styles and applications, you can always send details of the profile you require to us, and we will locate the part most suitable for you.

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System Plast are a world renowned, market leader with a comprehensive range of conveyor components, but at the heart of any build will be the conveyor chain or belt. Their range of conveyor chains include straight running and side-flexing, as well as steel or thermo-plastic flights, and covering every type of application (tab, magnetic, bevel, gripper, vacuum, neck steriliser, rubber top, roller and crate chains).

Constantly improving their already tried and tested designs, most thermo-plastic chains are now also available in their premium grade NGE material, that has a much reduced coefficient of friction ensuring longer belt life whilst requiring less driving power and creating less wear and dust. A strong chain that is resistant to most cleaning processes, can be run dry without any lubricants and has a high PV strength allowing for faster running lines with heavier loads than standard acetal variants.

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