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Direct response to customer demand for metal and plastic CNC Machining Services.

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Our CNC mills and lathes offers the capacity for all CNC machining.

Our CNC team continues to grow due to our committed investment both in experienced and dedicated staff, as well as an array of the latest CNC mills and lathes offering capacity for all CNC machining.

Unlike our CNC routers that manufactured parts solely in plastic, here we machine both plastic and metal as a direct response to customer demand, ensuring our continued push towards the most beneficial “One Stop Shop” solution to all OEMs, service engineers and end users. Our CNC lathes offer high speed machining, with capacity to draw bar up to 100mm dia. through the spindle, and with driven tooling, high speed tool change and rotary tables incorporated, there is very little that we are unable to machine within our specialised industries.

Our latest CNC mill brings additional capacity to high speed machine complex 3D parts using simultaneous 4 axis machining, and together with our investment in the very latest CAD software, ensures we can now offer a dedicated production line for scrolls and feed-worms to complete our range of services

Whilst CNC routing of sheet plastics is sufficient for many components within the industries we serve, the development of our CNC milling and turning teams continues to be an exciting part of our growth. With a constantly expanding team, and additional new equipment to ensure both capacity and capabilities meet our customers every requirement, our precision machining of both metal and plastic components greatly complements our “one stop shop” approach.

From prototype to batch work, we work with each customer to ensure that manufacture is as economical as we can achieve, looking at call-off orders for regular components guaranteeing both the very best prices based upon bulk machining as well as next day availability of parts for both urgent builds and spares.

Our lathes offer varied capacity so we can program work on a suitable machine, whilst not tying up capacity unnecessarily. With an array of bar feeders, large capacity chucks and driven tooling, together with a highly skilled & experienced team in programming and operating, our efficiency drives short lead-times and very competitive prices.

Customers can be adverse to placing “too much work” with one supplier (their words, not ours!), but through consistently high levels of quality, service and competitiveness we demonstrate the value that we can bring to their supply chain in every aspect of our business. Our specialisation in serving the key industries that we do, ensures we understand our customers requirements and the environment that the products end up in.

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Having specialised exclusively in the conveyor, packaging and food processing industries since 1991, we have built a strong reputation amongst companies in those fields. Working with OEMs, end users or service engineers, meeting their requirements for accurate parts, whether plastic or metal, within the shortest of lead-times in many instances and at competitive prices enables us to continue our expansion, and to continue to find innovative ways to further support our customers. Our team work directly with design engineers and buyers to ensure the most suitable materials are used, that designs are fined tuned to be most cost effective, and where possible rolling stock is put in place for regularly used components, ensuring that OEMs have fast access to components to meet the tightest of delivery schedules and win orders through short lead-times and the support we provide.

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CNC maching

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