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We are often sent requests to quote for the supply of complete conveyors, this is not something that we do….it would be contrary to the machine builders and OEMs that we support, and therefore in these instances we are able to put customers and builders in contact, so that these enquiries are passed to engineers that we know share the same values on quality, service and support that we do.

Our “one stop shop” policy is to ensure that conveyor & packaging equipment manufacturers, as well as end users, have a single fast, simple and reliable supplier for all their requirements. With the combination of the quality and proven track record of System Plast components, and our decades of experience in machining exclusively for these industries, we have grown a customer database that now extends worldwide, and which has foundations in long-term relationships built on proven track records. Every new customer to us is looked upon with the enthusiasm to envisage how we both might be working together in the years to come, and that’s only achieved through how we work with every enquiry, every order and pulling a ‘rabbit out the hat’ whenever we can 😊


For over 20 years, System Plast has been developing and producing conveyor components for a wide range of applications, and SL Plastics have been machining components for the conveyor, packaging and processing industries. Our partnership shows a unique and committed support for the UK conveyor, packing and food processing industries, ensuring they have access to competitive prices, the best quality products and all with the shortest lead-times.


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